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Website news and notices.

...oh and a new website

Ish. I took the opportunity to update the website a bit. We're now running the latest version of Drupal 6, with a re-worked events calendar, events listing and galleries. I've also completely replaced the ageing theme with, well, a practically identical one built on a much better, cleaner framework called, um, Framework.

Let me know if there are any issues or if you have any suggestions to improve the site.


UPDATE (14/02/2006): Happy Valentines Day! As a lurvey gift to all y'all out there, the site should be fixed up. Have a smoochy night!

UPDATE (11/02/2006): one of the text filters is broken. Some content is mysteriously vanishing into the void. You might as well ignore the site for now. Curses.

UPDATE (10/02/2006): we had to sack the last server off, so I'm afraid the site has moved again. This time around, we're waiting on images, and some links may be broken until we get our clean URLs working properly on the new server.

There's some weirdness going on in webland. I've moved the site to Leafish's spanking new server, and some things are broken, like some images, the gigs listing colours etc... holler if you notice anything else completely broken.

I promise I'll sort it out eventually.

Spam spam spam spam

spamDue to my mailbox being full of nothing but Viagra and cheap printer ink advertisements, I have disabled all mail accounts on Please note that any e-mail sent to will now be binned.

The contact form and the messages page will remain active if you wish to contact any of us. Thanks for your understanding.